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As Old As The Hills Large Hoop Earrings



Approximately 2″x 2″.

Product Description

Modern meets ancient with the new AmazziRoots hoop earring series. These earrings are designed to look ancient by using an antiqued patina to bring out the rustic greens, blues and oranges that occur when oxygen meets brass. These hoops are made with solid brass with solid sterling wire hoops to thread into the ears. The sterling silver wire is 20g and should fit any regular earring piercing. These hoops also work well for those who gauge/stretch their earlobes–just thread hoops through the stretched gauge.

Please note: each patina is completely unique so colors may differ from hoop to hoop, making each pair one-of-a-kind. These are designed for a rustic, natural, organic look. Each hoop is coated to keep the patina vibrant but due to nature the coloring may slightly change over time. Avoid discoloration by removing when bathing/swimming and keep in a dry space.