about_carleeCarlee is a 25-year-old starting small and dreaming big. …an aspiring metalsmith artist tinkering away, creating metal finery, trimmings, trinkets, and treasures for you to wear as well as giving you the opportunity to be a part of improving lives across the globe. On this road to discovering herself, AmazziRoots has become Carlee’s favorite avenue for portraying her passions while being able to assist in creating needed change. She finds beauty and inspiration in metals, fibers, rocks & plants.

In 2011, Carlee was able to take an incredible journey through Uganda while attending Illinois Wesleyan University. She witnessed the incredible need for the simple yet profound luxury of pure clean water. From Kampala to Gulu, Carlee became increasingly aware of how such a simple thing could make such a huge impact on the wonderful people she came to love during the months she spent there. This African adventure helped shape AmazziRoots into taking one step further in order to give designing, creating & selling jewelry a deeper purpose. Check out Why Amazzi? to learn more.

New jewelry pieces are constantly being designed for future listings so please check out the shop often!