December 2014 Donation


…to everyone who has supported, purchased and worn AmazziRoots this past month. Because of you, AmazziRoots donated $131.54 to Blood:Water Mission!  This makes my heart ache with so much joy. Every single copper penny counts. Thank you.

This past Autumn & early winter have been full of change & transition…two seasons in my life dedicated to diving into several new bodies of water to try and figure ‘it’ out… or rather, figure ‘something’ out. Through it all, I am slowly learning how to worry less about money (easier said than done) and worry more about how to turn dreams into reality.  When you decide to take a deep breath and trust the process, sometimes it just works out for the better…and for that I am so thankful.

With more designs already in the works, becoming a metals monitor at Lillstreet Art Center, and new metalsmith classes beginning mid-January (creative settings & wax casting courses…YES!) I cannot wait to see what is in store for AmazziRoots in 2015. If you think I’ve gone missing, you may want to look at Lillstreet in the metals studio that gets zero reception. Cheers to new beginnings in 2015!